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Paranormal Activity 5: The Marked Ones

Paranormal Activity 5 Paranormal Activity 5
Paranormal Activity 5

Paranormal Activity 5

Have you checked the schedule of Paranormal Activity 5? This movie started from a simple beginning which merely told a story of a young couple who decided to film everything that bumped at night in their home. This movie has built the myths amongst its basic centrals. Its recent series, Paranormal Activity 4, has included some symbols of demon, ritual of sacrifice, conspiracies of covenant, and also the abduction of child. This story started from opening a door at night. Then, step by step the audiences brought to have a trip of each inch of their house.

Symbols of Demon        

Can you believe that before the production of the new series of Paranormal Activity 5 the production house merely used a cheap budget. They never imagined that this movie included its series becomes the favourite amongst the horror movies for the movie-goers. It seems their ghost train will not stop too fast because of their popularity, right? It will happen if only one of their sequels hits less gross. That’s why it becomes the reason to release this new sequel to pursue a bunch of profits. Many reviewers said that this movie is as a Latino spin-off film. It sounds great.

The Parallel of The Universe

To make sure all big fans of Paranormal Activity of the release of its new sequel, Paramount Pictures just revealed its subtitle and confirmed its release. For your information, you should know the clarification of this sequel. Paranormal Activity 5 and Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones are different. They also will be released in different schedule. The Marked Ones has been released just yesterday (1/3). Then, the fifth sequel of this famous horror movie is planned to be released in 24 October this year. So then, if there are two different movies, what their difference one another are? Can you guess?

Paranormal Activity 5 is fit to celebrate Halloween. That’s why the date is chosen to be close with Halloween. Then, The Marked Ones is about the inquiry of Catholic to the possession of suspected demon. Therefore, it takes place to the parallel of the universe. It must be the best year for all big fans of Paranormal Activity like you, right? The biggest question to the production house is about how they ended the fourth sequel by a cat which jumped into the camera and everything became dark. The critics said it was all about marketing rather than a genuine horror movie. So, have you marked your calendar to watch Paranormal Activity 5?

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