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WWE Battleground Results 2013: Prevail the Ring

WWE Battleground Results 2013 WWE Battleground Results 2013
WWE Battleground Results 2013

WWE Battleground Results 2013

WWE Battleground Results 2013 has been announced. It was held in First Niagara Center at New York. It was held yesterday at 6 October 2013. The battleground is involving any professional wrestlers who have been joining the WWE in a special match. The match would be filled by animosity and feud between wrestlers who will fight. Usually, there was a feud between some wrestlers in the series which would be more lifted up in this match. However, several matches contested a championship title too. So, the tension of WWE Battle ground is not only really frightening but also interesting for us to watch.

Yesterday there were 8 matches plus one pre-show battle. The atmosphere was full of tension, since most of the matches are worth for a title. The battleground was opened by the preshow battle between Dolph Zigger versus Damien Sandow. This pre-show was brought Dolph Zigger as a winner. As for the World Heavyweight Championship, Rob Van Dam was after Alberto Del Rio. After their feud regarding the scramble of the title, Triple H gave him a chance to fight Del Rio in the Battleground. However, he cannot afford to get it. Del Rio is still the contender of Heavyweight championship.

There are also several interesting matches. The tag team matches between the real Americans versus Great Khali and Santino Marella. The Real Americans were announced as the winner of this match. Another tag team match was also held last night. It was Goldust and Cody Rhodes against Roman Reigns and Seth Rollin as known as the Shield. However, Goldust and Cody Rhodes have made it clear. They finally receive their win and the have been reinstated to WWE. For the WWE Intercontinental championship, we have got R-Truth against Curtis Axel. Previously, R-Truth has been winning a match against Axel in a non-title match. He was promised for the title in the Battleground. However, he could not make it real since he cannot win the match last night. The WWE Battleground Results 2013 has made several feud to be much worse than before.

From all that matches, the really interesting one is the match between Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan. That’s the fight for the title of WWE Championship. This match was the final match from the 8 matches that WWE battleground has last night. Big Show’s interference has been a way down for both of them. It makes the battle between one of them to be postponed. He was searching a victim of his anger to Triple H and his wife Stephanie. He was tormented by them. In conclusion, WWE Battleground Results 2013 for WWE champion is still vacant.

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